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Rachel Giffin created Pure Balance Yoga for busy individuals who want to restore some balance to their lives.

Having practiced yoga for 20 years, trained as a professional dancer and worked in the media spotlight with high-profile clients for many years, Rachel’s wealth of experience will help you to balance the demands of work and play. Establish a healthier relationship with your body and learn techniques to calm the mind. Rachel’s pragmatic and light-hearted teaching style has broad appeal to both novices and more experienced practitioners alike.

The Times recently awarded this style of hatha yoga 10/10 for authenticity. A natural focus on core-strength training, body conditioning with emphasis on postural alignment. Breathing exercises, relaxation and gentle meditation are integrated into a series of postures tailored specifically for you.

Book a private, corporate or group yoga session with Rachel, Yoga Ambassador for Sweaty Betty is also available to travel internationally with clients and can create yoga retreats and wellbeing weekends either in your home from home or in stunning boutique settings around the world.

Put wellbeing at the centre of your new year: with increased energy, improved body confidence and an enlightened outlook on life, what better gift to give yourself!

Private Yoga Tuition London

Welcome to Pure Balance Yoga for private yoga tuition London and private yoga classes London.

Private Yoga Teacher London

Rachel Giffin created Pure Balance Yoga for busy individuals who want to restore some balance to their lives and maximise their health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

With the frenetic pace with which we live our lives today, it can be a real challenge to manage stress and combat fatigue, (when this happens it is easy to forget the most basic function and breathe properly).

Pure Balance Yoga will help you to establish a healthier relationship with your body, strengthening your muscles, working on postural alignment and balancing your energy so you are better able to cope with life’s stresses.

Practising a pure and authentic style of hatha yoga, including breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will impart you with more energy, more flexibility and strength, and leave you feeling mentally more fit.

Whether you are interested in the physical element or want to learn to slow your thoughts down for greater powers of concentration and relaxation, the integrated  approach of Pure Balance Yoga will bring harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

Maximise the benefits of your yoga practice within the privacy of your own space at a time which suits you.

Relax and go deeper as you are guided into the series of 12 postures, with a practice customised to your specific needs.

Feel the immediate benefits of one-on-one instruction, with hands on adjustments allowing you to develop your technique (at an appropriate pace) and giving you a profound understanding of alignment and posture.

Beginner and intermediate students welcome.

Each class is structured for 90-minutes.

60 & 75 minute classes available upon request.

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