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Preparing for your massage

1. TOTAL CONTRAINDICATIONS: Massage CANNOT be offered if these conditions are present.

Serious heart conditions and / or circulatory disorders

Recent stroke, haemorrhage or blood clots

Scalp infection (nits, live, etc)

Infectious condition


High temperature of fever

Pregnancy (first trimester) or suspected pregnancy

Under the influence of drugs of alcohol




2. MEDICAL CONTRAINDICATIONS: Seek medical permission before massage.

Cardio-vascular conditions such as Thrombosis, Phlebitis, Hypertension, Hypotension

Minor heart conditions


Medical oedema

Recent head injury or neck injury (including whiplash)

Recent operations / surgery



Osteoporosis, spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteo-arthritis

Pregnancy (second or third trimester)

Pregnancy related disorder – i.e. HBP, dizziness and nausea

Unexplained or undiagnosed headaches or lumps or swellings especially in the case of recent severe pain

Paranoia, psychosis or schizophrenia

Very high or very low blood pressure

Cancer (active or in remission) and ongoing treatment with chemotherapy and / or radiation

Central nervous disorders, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and parkinsonism

Nervous system disorders

Trapped, pinched or inflamed nerve

Kidney infections

Slipped or herniated disc

3. LOCALISED CONTRAINDICATIONS: Advise your therapist of any of the following.

Minor wounds, bruises, cuts or abrasions

Recent scar tissue

Localised swelling or inflammation

Varicose veins




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