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Rachel Giffin is one of the top yoga instructors I have met.
 In over 20 years practicing Yoga & Meditation, rarely have I ever met such a gifted natural talent in being able to deliver the whole yoga package to clients and students. Rachel is a true Yoga adept – in Asanas right through to meditation, relaxation and spiritual practices as well as Nutrition & Wellbeing.
I recommend her services highly to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life and wellbeing with Yoga. Dr Mike Squirrell, Director, Harley Street Physiotherapy  www.harleystreetphysiotherapy.com

I’ve been practicing Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga for over 6 years now and I have worked with over 10 instructors so far in Asia and Europe. I am happy to say that Rachel is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had! I’ve been a regular Rachel’s student attending her classes twice a week in our Google office for nearly 2 years now. Her classes are must-attend for me as they help me to not only work hard on my muscles but also to totally relax and bring my awareness to a completely different dimension. Every session is different and enriched by yoga chants, breathing techniques and meditation.  As a very charismatic person, Rachel has this rare ability to adjust asanas to a diversified levels of participants (some people are new to yoga, some are relatively advanced) by demonstrating few variations of the same pose. I really appreciate the way she explains every posture with detailed instructions on what muscles should be activated pointing our attention to ‘now and here’ by practising yoga breathing at the same time. Rachel is a true Yoga guru constantly impressing me with her knowledge on other yoga-related topics such as nutrition and wellbeing. Every time I leave Rachel’s class I feel fully satisfied with my practice with wide smile on my face and plenty of energy – I am so glad I’ve met Rachel on my yoga path!  Karolina Lewandowska, Google

I was recommended to try yoga as a good way to speed up my rehab from a significant knee injury, and to balance out the strength and conditioning training involved in the other sports that I regularly participate in, namely Crossfit and ultra-distance events.
I was lucky enough to get access to Rachel’s teaching through the corporate classes she offers, and I quickly found the sessions she took to be challenging but at the same time very beneficial. She is able to adapt and tailor her routines to take into account where you may be at any stage of training, or indeed life in general, whether it be aiding in preparation for sports competitions or events right through to helping rehab the body and mind and relieving the everyday stresses of corporate life.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel’s yoga practice to those looking for the physical gains – increased core strength and overall flexibility to help push your PBs – through to those looking for a way to manage the challenges that modern life throws at you. Alex Hammick, Associate, Alphasights

I was privileged to participate in the yoga classes Rachel taught at Google in late 2013.  Although I had never practiced yoga before, I quickly came to appreciate her exercises both for their physical challenge, but, more importantly, their cerebral dimension.  I found that hidden in the sequence of her instructions was a code that tied all the exercises wisely together: from a gradual warm-up, to strength, to balance and body control, to a wonderful relaxation.  I was amazed by the variety and completeness of exercise that Rachel could put together using as a prop only a yoga mat. Even though the sequence of the positions we practiced in the class was ordered and symmetrical, it was always interesting, with new gem exercises popping up almost every week. Diomidis Spinellis, Software Engineer, Google. 

We are very lucky to have the wonderful Rachel Giffin as our Yoga instructor here at The Communications Store . Her impact on the well being of our staff has been extremely powerful.
Her lovely calming but paradoxically energetic personality coupled with her reassuringly informed knowledge of Yoga ensures that all attendees to her sessions leave feeling more confident and inspired in their practice , no matter what level.  She has cemented herself as a part of the TCS team , so much so that several regular Yoga attendees have actually booked Rachel outside of their TCS practice .
We have absolutely no reserve in recommending Rachel to any company as the perfect Yoga instructor .
Chantal Miller, Office Manager, The Communications Store

“Rachel comes twice a week to my office to provide her Yoga class. I always very much look forward to the class as it helps me to stop, breathe and find harmony. After it I always feel very relaxed, calm and focused. Rachel helps me improving a lot. She is a great knowledgeable teacher and focus on positions but also on breathing and meditation, which are fundamentals in Yoga. I really appreciate the way she describes with precision how the posture should be which helps understand what body part should be working and breathing. I would recommend to anyone trying Rachel’s class as it definitely improves the quality of life!” Aurelie-aimee Bablon, Rich media campaign manager, Google

I have never considered myself fit until i joined Rachel’s class! Thanks to yoga practice with Rachel I can feel my body becoming stronger and more flexible!I can do plank better then my boyfriend!! On top of that Rachel is amazing teacher, with incredible approach to every student. She makes the practice both challenging physically and relaxing mentally. I love her chanting and reassuring jokes when sweat is dripping from my forehead. It is especially helpful on a busy day when you are losing your head and then take a break to focus on yourself, bring balance to your life. I think Rachel’s practice does all that!! Magdalena Wasilewska

I had been practicing Iyengar yoga for twenty years, when I accidentally rang Rachel at Pure balance yoga. 
I was looking for a local Iyengar class to join but we agreed that this was serendipity and met up for a trial lesson at my tiny flat in Marylebone. I was deeply impressed by Rachel’s cheerful and positive personality, combined with consummate professionalism. For some time I had wanted to incorporate some chanting into my routine, the next day Rachel produced a CD of her beautiful voice with sheets of Sanskrit for me to follow. We included this into a comprehensive work out of Pranayama and Asanas.
Rachel pushed me gently to try new postures until I noticed (as did my friends) that I was glowing with energy and looking fit and slimmer.
If I did not live half my year in India I would have a lesson with Rachel every day. I just wish I could find such an excellent yoga teacher in India! 
Frances Wilson, Travel Writer.

At the ripe old age of 24 I had tried yoga couple of times. Once being when I was 16 and then again when I was 19 for 6 months. It was safe to say, I was not a fan. There was too much chanting and breathing out the negative air from my finger-tips and I did not feel I was actually getting any benefits out of the lesson. However, after working in an office for the last 2 1/2 years I noticed my postures getting worse. My mother told me to give yoga another try. I have been attending Rachel’s classes since before Christmas and recently I have been going twice a week. I am an absolute yoga convert!!! I really enjoy each lesson. I’ve noticed my body changing and keep finding new muscles! I was going to the gym 3x a week, yet I’ve noticed more of a chance from yoga. I am able to attend to the classes and completely focus my mind on only yoga for an hour twice a week. Outside of the classes I practise the breathing and stretching, trying to ensure that I have a straight back. These classes are not easy and always challenge me.Rachel is great and her way of leading the class is the best I have encountered. I have recommended her to all my non-yoga friends. Alexandra Brown, Recruiter, Google 

Thanks so much Rachel for introducing me to the wonders of yoga.  I had been to several classes over the years and was never particularly impressed by them – I was more a pilates person. You have changed all that!  Our one on one classes have been an inspiration and done wonders for my mind, body and soul.  To say there was room for much improvement is an understatement.  The difference now in my flexibility and postures is so marked that I wish we had taken before and after pics!  I have also particularly enjoyed the meditation.  As someone who finds it very difficult to still my mind, you have transported me to amazing places filled with light.  I have already recommended you to many of my friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.  I still need much improvement on my hula hooping though! Georgina Cuppaidge, Sony Pictures

I am very lucky because Rachel holds yoga classes at our offices. She is a fantastic teacher, she is a great example, has lots of positive energy and corrects all levels, from beginners to advanced. The part I always like in particular is the Sivananda relaxation at the end -she makes us work hard and then relax and meditate so well that I feel like newborn. Rachels’ classes are one of the main highlights of my week!” Maja Wendenburg, Google

I was sceptical at 1st to yoga, I lead an incredibly hectic (shallow!) life and until meeting Rachel felt I was impervious to any kind of spiritual, physical or mental benefits.  Yoga has transformed my life, I can’t speak highly enough about the positive impact it has had on all aspects of my wellbeing.  This is partly down to the mantra of Yoga but also due to the style of Rachel’s teaching.  As a beginner and probably the most stiff and rigid individual in the world I have always been slightly intimidated by Yoga classes.  However Rachel has a very natural and warm teaching style that helps you grasp both the physical and mental nature of Yoga very quickly. Physically I play an enormous amount of sport, my tennis and football have increased tenfold, I’m more agile on the pitch and have much greater flexibility but most importantly I am now less prone to injury. Mentally Yoga provides an spiritual oasis from the day to day grind of an urban life.  I have found that I am more focused at work and calmer, my capacity to deal with stress has improved dramatically. Finally my emotional wellbeing has also improved since starting yoga with Rachel, I feel a balance and energy that has replaced a feeling a mental and emotional fatigue. Riz Shaikh, Director, the Columbo Group

To whom it may concern.

I engaged Rachel Giffin to provide a weekly yoga class to employees of Hawker Capital (commodity/global macro hedge fund). The classes had a material impact on the well being and relaxation of members of staff. Rachel’s bubbly personality, combined with deep technical skills and excellent teaching ability, have meant that a wide range of staff have found her classes completely accessible. From complete beginners to seasoned amateurs the classes have allowed staff (who work in a very stressful environment for extremely long hours) to relax and unwind for an hour a week, while improving their flexibility, balance and breathing techniques. I would highly recommend Rachel to any prospective employer; not only is she an extremely competent yoga teacher but she is a breath of fresh air to any environment, helping team spirit and moral. She has a truly professional approach to her work and her genuine love of the medium is infectious.Please contact me if you require any further information.Iona Martin, Chief Operating Officer, Hawker Capital LLP

Rachel’s classes are the highlight of my week, I always leave feeling challenged and invigorated whilst relaxed and calm at the same time. Each sequence and move is explained clearly, so I feel strong and confident in each pose and can see an improvement weekly. The breathing and meditation techniques she teaches have helped me deal with stress and find clarity after a stressful time at work. I have tried yoga on and off for several years but this is the first time I’ve felt confident (and interested) enough to continue my practices at home, and that is thanks to Rachel and her enthusiasm and patience.
I can’t recommend Rachel enough, she is friendly, funny and a brilliant teacher. Kelly Moralee, Account Manager, The Communications Store

Rachel’s classes make a Monday so much brighter. She is incredibly motivated, fun, engaging and warm and provides the most holistic yoga lessons I have ever taken part in – I thoroughly recommend her for all levels of yogi’s. Preeya Varsani, The Communications Store

Rachel Giffin is a very intuitive teacher. She is calm, patient, present and holds the most beautiful space. I cried wonderful tears of genuine joy and release at the end of the class that I took with her. If I lived closer I would take more classes for sure. Sharna Rose, Inner Spin Hoop Dance

Rachel does a weekly class at my office for my staff and me; it helps team bonding, puts them in a fantastic mood and they’re more productive. Brilliant. Steve Ball, Director, The Columbo Group

Dear Rachel,

I am so glad I have found you. Every time I leave one of your classes I feel taller, full of energy but totally relaxed at the same time….As you know I was really worried about my lower back before I started but your attention to the most minute detail in every one of the postures you teach makes me feel in safe hands and I can feel the benefits already.I really look forward to the classes, which says a lot from a gym class phobic like me, and soothing chants. Carmen Hannemann, Head of Events, Bacchus Studio

To Whom It May Concern,

Rachel Giffin is undoubtedly one of the best yoga teachers I have ever encountered (I have practiced yoga in London at the Life Center and in Thailand at the well-known wellness resort Chiva Som).Her lessons are particularly well structured, with a proper relaxation first (for full concentration on the course rather than on one’s day’s events…), then a thorough warm up before a rather intense set of postures. The course then ends with further meditation and chanting. This is simply of the best courses I have ever had as it combines yoga and meditation’s benefits whilst fully stretching the time span of an hour. I therefore highly recommend Rachel as an instructor. With kind regards, Stephanie Betts, Founder, Josephine Home

I am a film executive working on the production finance and legal side of independent film. My job requires me to work very long hours, lots of travel (i currently live between austria and london) so it can be quite stressful at times and on top of that I suffer from IBS.
I started trying out yoga a few years ago. I went to a number of different classes, tried a few different types of yoga buy but never really felt it was right for someone who isn’t that flexible and who usually walks around with a bloated belly!
I recently started doing Rachel’s classes and for the first time I started feeling the positive effects of yoga. She is extremely attentive and teaches you how to position yourself correctly in order to feel the benefits each pose has to offer, to learn to increase your stretch through breathing and meditation while encouraging you to recognize your own progress. Even in group sessions the level of individual attention is truly remarkable and she somehow manages to eliminate any competitiveness and provide a perfect sanctum for deep meditation and relaxation. She has this wonderful relaxation routine at the end of each session which leaves you feeling wonderfully invincible, strong and beautiful!
After 3 weeks of taking a class once or twice a week I started feeling less stressed at work, grew more patient with people and above all my ibs has subsided. The difference in the quality of my everyday life is noticeable and I cannot thank her enough! Even now being back in Austria for a while, she has devised a series of yoga exercises for me which I can do at home by myself and fit them in my daily routine.
Words don’t do this experience justice – just try for yourself and see if you ever get to the lake….Dimitra, Swarovski

Dear Rachel, Thanks for providing one of, if not the, best yoga experiences I’ve had. Going to yoga twice a week was definitely a highlight of the summer at Google – I always looked forward to it! It’s safe to say that I will miss it a lot. Thank you for always bringing your cheerful and calm spirit, and for pushing me to really stretch myself (literally and figuratively). I wish you all the best and hope I will once again have the privilege to be in one of your classes. Dana Lin

I’ve been attending Rachel’s classes for 9 months now and I couldn’t be happier with the effects they have on my body and mind! Not only am I able to easily shuffle between positions but also I feel really relaxed and energized after every class (whether it’s at 12 or 6PM). An interesting thing that I noticed – thanks to the breathing exercises that we do, I manage to sing better, and control my breath in songs in a much more professional way. What is also worth mentioning is that Rachel is a brilliant teacher. She manages to motivate the whole class even if a position can seem tough at first – everybody ends up trying to perform at their best. Missing any of Rachel’s classes makes me extremely unhappy, that’s why I always do my best to be present :) Gosia Krasowska, Singer and Googler

I have been attending Rachaels Yoga classes once a week for the last 9 months. Rachel has helped me improve my posture, flexibility and awareness of my body, which has motivated me to work on my hip mobility in my own time. It’s also helped me within warm up and cool down routines whilst playing sport and by using the stretching positions learnt from Rachael it has helped prevent injury and release tension in the body.  Joe Nicolle, Tennis Coach, Westway Sports Centre, West London

I am in the process of training for two marathons only week’s apart . I have noticed a significant difference in my stamina, core stability and overall fitness having attended Rachel’s classes for the last couple of months in the run up to the big day(s).
Her techniques have also helped to alleviate post training stiffness- almost instant full body relief and not to mention improved mental endurance as her practice also combines techniques that focus on physical and mental fitness discipline. Yoga has become an integral part of my training regime and even when my schedule is over, I’ll no doubt continue my practice and see yoga as a fundamental life style change and necessity. Elizabeth England, Associate Industry Manager – Travel

Following weekly Yoga classes with Rachel has been very beneficial for my physical and mental health, strength, personal lifestyle balance. The classes are very diversified from one week to another and allow you to push the effort as far as you wish to go. My body flexibility is getting better every week and my ability to perform other sports (swimming, Thai box, running and more…) was positively impacted by the Rachel’s classes. Always leaving classes with a big smile on my face” Paul, Google (following classes for 4 months)