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Corporate Yoga Classes

Stress is this country’s most common workplace ailment. Yoga gives staff the tools to manage stress more efficiently and increase concentration as well as cultivating team spirit, a more positive, productive environment is created with a healthier, more focused workforce.

Clients include:

  • ABTA
  • AlphaSights
  • Bulgari Hotel
  • Columbo Group
  • Evidently
  • Google
  • Hawker Capital
  • House of Fraser
  • JKR Global
  • PWC
  • Soho House
  • The Communications Store

Please get in contact to discuss number of students and requirements.

Corporate testimonials:

I engaged Rachel Giffin to provide a weekly yoga class to employees of Hawker Capital (commodity/global macro hedge fund). The classes had a material impact on the well being and relaxation of members of staff. Rachel’s bubbly personality, combined with deep technical skills and excellent teaching ability, have meant that a wide range of staff have found her classes completely accessible. From complete beginners to seasoned amateurs the classes have allowed staff (who work in a very stressful environment for extremely long hours) to relax and unwind for an hour a week, while improving their flexibility, balance and breathing techniques. I would highly recommend Rachel to any prospective employer; not only is she an extremely competent yoga teacher but she is a breath of fresh air to any environment, helping team spirit and moral. She has a truly professional approach to her work and her genuine love of the medium is infectious. Please contact me if you require any further information. Iona Martin, Chief Operating Officer, Hawker Capital LLP

Rachel does a weekly class at my office for my staff and me; it helps team bonding, puts them in a fantastic mood and they’re more productive. Brilliant. Steve Ball, Director, The Columbo Group

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