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About Yoga

Traditionally the Sanskrit word Yoga means ‘to unite’ or ‘to yoke’ but the word means many things to many people.

For some it’s ‘just’ exercise – a way to work out, get fit. For others it’s a more meaningful way to reconnect with the body and the breath. For the dedicated practitioner, yoga is a complete discipline which will reunite the individual self with universal consciousness.

Through a system of postures, breath control, meditation, sounds and other practices, yoga aims to create the perfect union of body, mind and spirit.

Regarded as a divine science of life by the great Indian sages, whatever your take on yoga, it is a guide by which you learn to control the fluctuations of the mind, the intellect and the ego. And the benefit? A strong, flexible, healthy body.

N.B. Hatha  – Ha (meaning Sun) tha (moon) is a blanket term for the ‘physical’ element of yoga. It covers nearly all types of yoga and is one of the 8 branches of Raja yoga (Ashtanga).

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